Death Ward

Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

Sue Cook

Rolling down a corridor
Tiny hand to wheel
Small squares on the floor pass my heels
How pretty!
Ready to play
My doll tucked beside me, as we roll silently along.
I am humming.
The sound of the Earth, and planets dance in my head.
Humming to the soft beat of my revised heart.

Black flap on the door window.
My friend has gone to play dolls with Jesus
Why the tears?

Older now, I realize
That I was nestled in the bosom of the “Death Ward.”
My wheels were to have stopped
No more humming to the revised heart.
I too was to go “play dolls with Jesus.”

I wonder…
Would I have taken my doll?
Hummed him my song?
Would I have heard the tears amongst the playful laughter?

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