Positivity Corner: March Into Spring

Short reflections on self-care: this week’s focus, physical movement for health.

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Cynthia Ann Lublink

I know this last year has been difficult for many staying home, quarantining when necessary. I am an introvert, yet even I am saying, “Where are my people”?!

As part of staying connected, I personally have allowed myself to continue to travel to see my daughter’s family. As well as spending time with my Mom, grandson, and a few close friends. 

Over a year ago, the ways we stayed connected were non-thoughts. Since then, they have become weighted choices. 

Part of dealing with my overall health is deciding to focus on my physical health. This is a very conflicted area for me due to chronic health issues and an extensive medical history. 

So in spite of conflicted feelings, I bought myself a compact, portable treadmill that fits under my desk. I also bought a desktop converter (turns a desk into a standing desk), for when I can walk and work for longer periods of time. I am absolutely anticipating that fine day!

Right now, I am doing five minutes twice a day, taking the weekends off.

I have to fight the “let’s getter done” thoughts that flit through my brain. Having fibromyalgia, I need to be mindful of how my body responds. Patience reminds me that slow and consistent is healthier in the long run.

And that’s what I am looking to do: run the long race. Doing daily things, like drinking more water and eating less sugar (big issue for me) will get me closer to being healthier. Progress over perfection. Consistency adds up. Realizing that even two steps forward and one step back leaves you in a forward position.

Here’s to marching into wellness.

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Cyndi (she/her) is the mama of two grown children and Oma to eight grandchildren, all of whom she adores. She’s a biker chick with a lady’s heart and thirty-nine tattoos that tell some of her life story. Not just a cancer survivor, she’s a life thriver. She also loves painting, and finds the process similar to solving math equations. She has been a writer/poet since the age of nine, her first poem being about God’s Hands. She wrote for Christian Biker Magazine for five years.

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