Positivity Corner: My Matcha Ritual

The benefits of Matcha every day

Matcha making kit, including matcha jar, matcha bowl, bamboo whisk, scoop, and spoon, and mesh strainer

My beautiful Matcha kit, gifted by my wonderful mother-in-law, Pam

Rita Mock-Pike

I first heard of Matcha when a friend’s friend from Singapore sent her a bag of the fine, green powder. Amazon was around by now, but things like this weren’t so readily available to Americans – nor did we seem to know to look for it.

When I married a man who’s intrigued with all things Japanese, Matcha returned to my awareness, especially when we wound up living across the highway from a Japanese market where Matcha could easily be purchased for a reasonable price.

I didn’t have the equipment to make Matcha the traditional way, though, so for Christmas 2020, I asked my mother-in-law for a Matcha bowl, jar, whisk, and the other tools needed to make Matcha from scratch.

Adding hot water first, and warming the bamboo whisk is vital. You wouldn’t think it would affect the taste that much, but it really does!

At first, I made the Matcha for fun. I love green tea and absolutely love the flavor of Matcha anything. But I soon discovered that my body loves all the antioxidants that Match provides. As I researched, I discovered that Matcha has ten times the antioxidants that regular green tea does. No wonder I feel worlds better when I have Matcha each day!

So, since this discovery, I’ve made Matcha or Matcha lattes just about every day for my husband and I. It’s strong stuff, though, so I can’t drink it first thing, unless I’m having it with food.

Tip: For those Matcha lattes, use almond milk instead of dairy milk for a naturally sweeter, smoother taste.

That lovely green, frothy foam
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