Positivity Corner: 25-Minutes Caffeinated Fasted Cardio

My morning cardio routine – could be good for you. Trying caffeinated, fasted low-impact cardio.

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Rita Mock-Pike

On the article platform Medium somewhere (sadly, I’m not sure where), there’s an article that I read about incorporating fasted, caffeinated cardio first thing in the day to improve a number of things including focus and fat. For those not sure of what I’m talking about, “fasted, caffeinated cardio” means you haven’t consumed calories or sweeteners for at least eight hours, but you have consumed calorie-free caffeine within ten to twenty minutes of beginning the workout. 

I decided to give it a try, starting about seven weeks back. I also decided to combine this with watching some TV comedy shows to get my day going with some good laughs.

What the Studies Show

The study mentioned in that article specifically focused on adults adding in low-intensity cardio workouts (walking, light jogging, yoga, etc.) of twenty to forty-five minutes each day before breaking their overnight fast, fueled up on caffeine. The author of the article spoke of his experience with doing just that and it inspired me to go try it myself.

My Own Experience

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I start out each morning with a big cup of green tea. Yay for antioxidants mixed with caffeine for a good start to the day! Green tea doesn’t bother me on an empty stomach, so it’s the best option for me. Others may choose coffee, black tea, or some other no-calorie and no-sweetener caffeine boost for their work, though.

After I give the caffeine a few minutes to work its way into my system, I hop on the stepper we bought this winter that helps us do cardio indoors. Then, I flick on the TV to watch a humorous show (I started out watching an episode of Schitt’s Creek each day), grab my water bottle, and keep moving for the full length of the episode.

Post workout, I feel invigorated, energized, healthy, and like I’ve accomplished something, even though it’s a low-intensity cardio workout. I feel better, I’ve lost a little weight (in conjunction with healthy eating), and generally it just makes the day better.

This probably won’t change your life drastically, but it could definitely help your morning routine get better. It has mine!

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