The MockingOwl Roost is a literary magazine published by Rita Mock-Pike, Annali Carmel, and Soren Porter. Rita, a journalist, copywriter, and cookbook author by trade, saw a gap in the publishing industry where her award-winning journalist friends couldn’t get essays published simply because they didn’t “fit” in somewhere. Having relished a life of not fitting in for some 38-odd years, Rita went to Soren and Annali and said, “Here’s a thing we need to do.”

So, they did this thing.

And now the MockingOwl Roost exists.

We welcome writers, artists, performers, poets, and daydreamers from anywhere in the world, from any background, and any experience level to submit for the fourth Issue, coming October 2021, and beyond. Information will be posted when submissions are open.

Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay