This is a listing of publishers currently accepting direct, unsolicited submissions, no agent required. We will update this list as we find more!

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New Meridian Arts

New Meridian Arts is looking for literary and poetry submissions with a tilt towards innovation and global concerns. They encourage authors to check their back catalogue before submitting a query letter.

Skyhorse Publishing

Since its inception in 2006, Skyhorse Publishing has released more than nine thousand titles to become one of the larger “small presses” out there. Skyhorse is looking for nonfiction across a dozen-odd categories, and requests authors send proposals only for finished books.

Etruscan Press 

For a $20 reading fee, Etruscan Press considers book length manuscripts for books of poetry, novels, creative nonfiction, short story collections, literary criticism, anthologies, and translations. They “seek to nurture a colloquy of voices: writers and readers engaged in enlivening the discourse between individuals and across communities.”

Kensington Publishing Corp.

The largest independent firm in the paperback field, Kensington Publishing Corp. is a full-range independent commercial publishing house of dozens of New York Times bestselling authors since 1974. They publish over five hundred titles a year but remain a family business.

Something or Other Publishing

This one does things a little bit differently. Something or Other Publishing first publishes Book Ideas on their website for free across many nonfiction and fiction genres. They then extend contracts to authors who either pay for services or whose ideas garner enough community upvotes.

Olympia Publishers

Olympia Publishers accepts submissions across a broad spectrum of genres, both fiction and nonfiction. They consider all submitted work for both traditional publishing contracts where no costs are incurred by the author, or with an alternative hybrid contract with an author contribution.

Entangled Publishing

Committed to acquiring diverse books and authors, Entangled Publishing is looking for submissions across thirteen different imprints with a heavy focus on romance from YA to erotica. They seek mainstream thriller and women’s fiction titles through their Sideways imprint.

Schaffner Press

Schaffner Press publishes literary adult fiction, short fiction collections, historical fiction with socially relevant content, crime fiction, and nonfiction works across preferred categories. They love books of quality that address social concerns and consider manuscripts between 60-100k words.

Legacy Book Press

As per their name, Legacy Press seeks to publish “legacy stories, widely defined” of 25k words and up. While they are primarily interested in nonfiction submissions, they also consider novels rooted in personal experience.


Unagented submissions to Forever, an imprint of Grand Central Publishing, are currently open only to BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) authors. They publish women’s fiction and romance novels between 80 and 100k words.


HarperCollins accepts unsolicited submissions exclusively through their Heartdrum imprint. Submissions go through Cynthia, the author-curator of Heartdrum at HarperChildren’s, in partnership with We Need Diverse Books. She is looking only for Native and First Nations writers and illustrators of fiction and nonfiction picture books and middle grade and YA novels.


Twice a year from June 15-June 29th and December 1st-December 15th, this UK-based independent publishing company accepts unsolicited unagented submissions across many genres. In June ZunTold is open for submissions in YA, crossover, and new adult fiction; and in December they are open for submissions in middle grade fiction. They are based in the UK but accept submissions internationally.

8th House Publishing

Publishers of “exemplary fiction, philosophy, esoterica, and other earnest works,” 8th House Publishing requests prospective authors provide a sample of their book, full table of contents, and a query letter with submission. Given their esoteric tastes, it is also recommended to first review their catalogue.

Baobab Press

Self-proclaimed lovers of risk-taking and quality of thought, Baobab considers unsolicited submissions of completed books in all genres. They aim to publish work “that resonates in the contemporary climate and that will continue to resonate in years to come.”


Hera is a female-led, independent, UK-based digital publisher currently seeking crime and thriller, romance, saga, and general fiction from authors around the world. They offer carefully curated publicity and marketing campaigns for every published book, with bespoke websites and social media support.

Torrey House Press

The mission of Torrey House Press is to publish eight to ten books annually “at the intersection of the literary arts and environmental advocacy.” They are looking for literary fiction, book-length short story and essay collections, creative nonfiction, anthologies, and memoirs.


Immedium publishes children’s picture books, Asian-American contemporary literature, and cutting-edge commentary on art and popular culture. They aim to publish entertaining and original titles with “multidimensional” and inspirational appeal.

Creative Texts Publishers

A traditional independent small press, Creative Texts enters most publishing agreements by invitation only, but is open to reviewing unsolicited manuscripts in the Action and Adventure, Science Fiction, Post-Apocalyptic Fiction, and Historical Fiction genres, as well as the nonfiction categories of History, Biography, and Western. They keep an open mind regarding submissions, so if your work falls outside these categories, they will still consider it.

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