September 11, 2021

When Schizophrenia Came: A Remembrance

Schizophrenia was not your end, though the incidents leading to your diagnosis did feel like it. Schizophrenia did not remove you from existence, though you were never recognizable as the sunny, bubbly, quirky girl we used to know after that diagnosis...
July 27, 2021
athlete on horse jumping a log

How Wandering Aimlessly Led to My First “Big Break” as a Writer

My love of horses led to my first break as a writer. A story of inspiration.
July 24, 2021
Two pairs of hands holding coffee cups across the table from each other, obviously in conversation

Thank You, God – I’m Leaving Here

Sometimes, you just gotta leave.
July 14, 2021
Dark street at night, a few small lights shining

That Night in Parramatta

When all seems meaningless, is there hope?
June 24, 2021
light brown teddy bear peering around corner, holding sign saying "looking for a friend"

Divergent Memory of a Burning Heap

Our memories diverge from one another. Sometimes there's joy to be found in the divergence - sometimes there's a painful reality to discover.
January 27, 2021

Home When I Get There

A poem about loss, expectation, and hope.
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