March 26, 2022

The Greatest True Crime Stories Ever Told Book Review

I am a true crime buff, so it was an exciting read, with a variety of shocking twists. Many of the stories were new to me as I tend to concentrate on crimes occurring from the 1950’s on, but I was fascinated by the detail each article entailed.
March 26, 2022

The Dead of Night

Awake and outside among nocturnal animals something between prey and predator roaming
March 20, 2022

Drop Dead Daisy – Fiction Book Review

Daisy is amazing on the guitar, and a genius at songwriting. Kane is the same. Standing close to six feet tall, Daisy casts an imposing figure.
March 20, 2022


With pigtails and big dreams, she runs wild in my mind:
March 19, 2022

Seventeen Years

In my dream you were alive. I saw you: a broken man with a crooked smile telling me it’s been seventeen years
March 17, 2022

Three Girls From Bronzeville – A Book Review

Rita Mock-Pike Having lived in Greater Chicago and Chicago itself for many years now, I’d heard of Bronzeville on several occasions. However, I’d never particularly had […]
March 10, 2022

Book Review: A Touch Of Light: The Ashes Of Avarin: Book One

The characters, even the ancillary characters, came alive on the pages. It was beautiful, horrible, deadly, life affirming and didn’t shy away from asking tough questions.
March 9, 2022

The god of McDonald’s – Positivity Corner

The rest of the staff were laughing by the time we got to the windows, and I did have to repeat it several more times. Especially with the manager standing nearby.
March 8, 2022

Nonfiction Book Review: The Yoga Prescription

I now highly recommend this to anyone with chronic pain or illness, chronic fatigue, or a body that’s just plain aging (i.e., anyone who tells me they’ve got stiffness or pain).
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