Scroll through for all MockingOwl Roost quarterly magazine issues beginning January 2021.

2023 Special Issue 1: All the Colors

Weave your way through the pages of beauty, written, painted, drawn, and more by artists and authors across the planet. All the colors of the rainbow are reflected herein, people from many backgrounds, many religions, many countries, each as beautiful as the next. Enjoy All the Colors!

Volume 2, Issue 6: Yugen

The final quarterly of the 2022 year: Yugen. It’s a feeling of that in-between place where you can’t really express it, but find beauty in the strangest of places. Enjoy these pieces from 13 countries, 6 continents, and many writers.

Volume 2: Special Issue 2: Beginning to End (Poetry Special)

We’re thrilled to share our first poetry special issue with the world! With poets from across the globe, these stunning works lead us through themes of beginning through end in a colorful flow of words and images. Enjoy!

Poetry Special 2022 cover
Introspection issue cover

Volume 2, Issue 3: Introspection

July 15, 2022: After exploration and discovery, often we flow into introspection as we ask the questions of ourselves. What have we discovered? How does that discovery impact us? What else do we need to explore and discover? Artists and authors contribute those introspective thoughts here in the third quarterly issue of the MockingOwl Roost, Introspection.

Volume 2, Special Issue 1: The Sleeper of R’yleah

June 1, 2022: For something new: a special issue of the MockingOwl Roost! This miniature magazine was inspired by the artwork of the Mad Artist (Derek Roper) and his work “The Sleeper of R’yleah.” Come, read fiction and poetry based around the image.

Sleeper of R'Lyeh cover

Volume 2, Issue 2: Discovery

April 15, 2022: After exploration of new worlds and imaginings, you’re sure to discover wonders and delights. The second themed magazine of 2022 follows this delightful journey to the next step in Discovery.

Volume 2, Issue 1: Exploration

January 15, 2022: One year of exploring our world, finding our voice, meeting you called for an issue on the topic! Find within the pages of the Exploration issue short stories, poetry, photography, artwork, and essays.

Please enjoy the MockingOwl Roost’s one-year anniversary edition: Exploration.

cover image of the MockingOwl Roost, Volume 1, Issue 4: Community

Volume 1, Issue 4: Community

October 15, 2021: We are thrilled to share with you the first open submission issue of the MockingOwl Roost! Within these pages, you’ll find stunning photos, artwork, short stories, poems, essays, and more from contributors across the world.

Please enjoy the MockingOwl Roost – Community.

Volume 1, Issue 3: Wonder

July 15, 2021: With a heavy U2 fandom focus, plenty of nonfiction, short stories, and incredible poetry by gifted artists and writers, you’ll find the Wonder issue of the MockingOwl Roost a delightful continuation of our literary/art magazine!

Please enjoy the MockingOwl Roost – Wonder.

giant elephant in forest with a man standing in front of the elephant

Volume 1, Issue 2: Dreams

April 15, 2021: After much hard work and possibly even more learning, the second issue of the MockingOwl Roost is ready for readers to enjoy!

This issue features short stories, essays, inspirational works, interviews, poetry, lyrics, photography, and more from artists around the world.

Please enjoy the MockingOwl Roost – Dreams.

Volume 1, Issue 1: Expectation

January 15, 2021: We proudly present the First Issue of the MockingOwl Roost – Expectation.

Enjoy short fiction, serialized fiction, essays, poetry, lyrics, and visual artwork in this issue, from twelve writers and artists from across the globe.

This project has been 6 years in the making and we are thrilled to share this labor of love with you! MockingOwl Roost – Expectations.