Mark A. Fisher – California, USA

Mark A. Fisher is a writer, poet, and playwright living in Tehachapi, CA at the southern end of the Sierra Nevadas just west of Mojave. He ended up here by accident, having inquired about a job with Enron Wind (yes that Enron) and getting hired before the company went bankrupt. He’s been living in the same small town for over twenty years and has acquired a wife (Sharon), a dog (Moonpi), and a cat (Bill).

Ivanka Fear – Ontario, Canada

Ivanka Fear is a former teacher pursuing her passion for writing. She resides in Ontario, Canada with her family and the stray cats that wander in. When not reading and writing, she enjoys watching mystery and romance shows, going for walks, and visiting the lake. Her poems and stories appear in Last Leaves Literary, Analogies and Allegories, The Mark Literary Review, Dead Fern Press, Defenestration, Autumn House Review, South Shore Review, Black Moon, Red Alder Review, eucalyptus and rose, and elsewhere.

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Dan Flore III – Pennsylvania, USA

Daniel J. Flore III’s poems have appeared in many publications. Some which are- Eunoia Review, Kiss My Poetry, Clock Radio Magazine, Lummox, Open Arts Forum, Sick Lit, Sledgehammer Lit, Many Mountains Moving, Once Upon a Crocodile, The Daily Drunk and Triggerfish Critical Review. He is the author of 5 poetry chapbooks. They are Lapping Water, Humbled Wise Men Christmas Haikus, Home and Other Places I’ve Yet to See, Pink Marigold Rays, and Written in the Dust on the Ceiling Fan. They are all available on Amazon. He lives with his wife Jamie and their cat Tulip.

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Brittany Anne Forster – North Carolina, USA

Brittany Anne Forster grew up in a small beach town in Florida. She has gone through life events of graduating with her Doctorate in Physical Therapy, married her beautiful wife Stephanie Forster, and recently moved to the suburbs of Charlotte, North Carolina. She finds inspiration in the changing clouds, earthy formations and landscapes, and satisfying word plays and rhymes.

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Paula Frew – Ohio, USA

An Ohio native, the author wrote her first poem in the fourth grade. It was entitled Daffodils. At that time, she fell in love with the form. She wrote through the angst of adolescence and into the beauties and dissonance of adulthood. She has of late begun to write flash fiction. It speaks to her as another short form. Her first chapbook, Lyrical Legacy, was published in 2021. She has also been included in several anthologies. All are available on Amazon.

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Jim Ferguson – Glasgow, Scotland

Jim Ferguson lives and writes in Glasgow. He has worked as an office clerk, actor, dishwasher, drummer, creative writing tutor, and in milk delivery. Ferguson is the author of several poetry collections, pamphlets, and two novels. He is also a literary historian and critic, earning a doctorate from the University of Glasgow for his biographical and critical research on the Paisley poet and songwriter Robert Tannahill.

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Garrett Flagg – North Carolina, USA

Garrett Flagg, a retired educator from the Philippines of mixed parentage who currently resides in Southern Pines, North Carolina where he plays pickle ball and goes on long walks daily. He is a digital artist and photographer, and has acted and directed in numerous productions. Publication credits include Agape Review, Sky Islands, McGuffin, Third Wind, Cream City Review, Quijote Quarterly, South Florida Review, etc. He is the proud parent of three grown talented children: Seth, Quinn, and Miriam.

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TS S. Fulk – Sweden

TS S. Fulk, a neurodiverse English teacher and textbook author, lives with his neurodiverse family in Sweden. After getting an M.A. in English literature from the University of Toronto, he taught English in Prague, CZ before settling down in Sweden. Besides teaching and writing, TS S. Fulk is an active musician playing bass trombone, the Appalachian mountain dulcimer and the Swedish bumblebee dulcimer (hummel). His poetry has been (or will be) published by numerous presses including The Light Ekphrastic, The Button Eye Review, Enchanted Conversation, Journ-E, The Red Ogre Review, Perennial Press, Lovecraftiana and Wingless Dreamer.

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Ian Forth – Wales

Peaking early, Ian won a prize (a certificate and a tin of chocs) for the Cadbury’s Writing Competition in 1965 with a story about a cocoa farmer, an anaconda and a Scottish terrier. He blames the usual ‘enemies of promise’ for the drought in awards since. However, since retiring as a university lecturer, he has found time to write a family memoire, stories for children, and an illustrated book: Cycling in the Canal des Deux Mers. His short story ‘Leaf Relief’ was published as a podcast on Yorick Radio Productions/Scintillating Stories in June 2023. Ian lives in Wales.

Jonathan Fletcher – Texas, USA

Originally from San Antonio, Texas, Jonathan Fletcher, a queer, disabled writer of color, holds a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing in Poetry from Columbia University School of the Arts. He has been published in Arts Alive San Antonio, The BeZine, BigCityLit, Catch the Next: Journal of Ideas and Pedagogy, Colossus Press, Door is a Jar, DoubleSpeak, Emerge Literary Journal, Flora Fiction, FlowerSong Press, fws: a journal of literature & art, Half Hour to Kill, Heimat Review, Hyacinth Review, LONE STARS, Midway Journal, The MockingOwl Roost-An Art and Literary Magazine, MONO., Moot Point, The Muse, and The Nelligan Review.

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Alex M. Frankel – California, USA

Alex M. Frankel left Spain in the 1990s to settle in Southern California, where he writes poems and plays, occasionally under the name “Alejo Rovira Goldner.” His short story collection “Flame at Door and Raisin” came out in 2022 and his chapbook “So Many Mouths at the End of All Beauty” comes out in early 2023.

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Michael Fowler – Ohio, USA

Michael Fowler is a playwright and fiction writer in Ohio.

Ed Friedman – New Rochelle, New York, USA

Ed’s prose has been seen in Flash Fiction Magazine, Bright Flash Literary Review, Fleas on the Dog, The Haven, Crow’s Feet, Center for Creative Writing, Submittable, Door is a Jar, the Bronx Memoir Project Vols. I, III, and VI, Shady Grove Literary, Fresh Words, and Libretto Magazine. His plays have been staged throughout the New York metropolitan area, and around the country. His anthology Short Plays for Long Lives is published by Blue Moon Press.

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Claudia Flisi – Virginia, USA

Claudia is a seasoned bicultural journalist (USA and Italy) whose writing has appeared for decades in the International New York Times, The Economist Intelligence Unit, Fortune, Newsweek, Variety, and dozens of publications worldwide, as well as several books. She has visited more than 100 countries, fallen off horses on six continents, lived in six countries, and trained dogs in three languages. Her children’s book, Crystal and Jade, was published in 2016. She has a B.A. with distinction from Mount Holyoke College and an MA from SAIS, Johns Hopkins University.

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Joseph A. Farina – Sarnia, Ontario Canada

Joseph A Farina is a retired lawyer and award winning poet, in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada.His  poems have appeared in Philedelphia Poets,Tower Poetry, The Windsor Review, and Tamaracks: Canadian Poetry for the 21st Century. He has three books of poetry published ,The Cancer Chronicles and The Ghosts of Water Street and The beach,the street and everything in between.