August 3, 2021
thick reddish brown tea in blue glass teacup and saucer

Love Me Some Matcha: A PureChimp Rooibos Matcha Review

A tea review: matcha-style Rooibos from PureChimp
July 14, 2021

Purple Rain Tea Review: A Fruity Delight

A lovely, fruity blend with unique Kenyan purple tea!
June 5, 2021
pale tea in a clear glass cup, spoon leaning against, loose leaf tea on braided mat beside it

Honeybush Tea: A Sadly Deceptive Name

Our review of a South African tea: honeybush.
April 30, 2021
Yellow and red tea pot on yellow background with clear tea cup and tin of Bos rooibos tea

Bos Rooibos Tea Review: Like Going Home – Or An Ode to South Africa

Rita Mock-Pike I hadn’t even made the association when I ordered this tea for my April review. But I’ve recently been watching Call the Midwife and […]
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