October 12, 2021

Book Review: Sisterhood of the Infamous

It’s written with such passion, and truth that you can feel what each character is going through. And as a result, I found that it took an emotional toll on me and was hard to read at times. Hard or not, I had to find out what happened next.
October 7, 2021

Book Review: Skin of Tattoos

This book is an emotional rollercoaster, and I really enjoyed the adrenaline pumping action. Violence, tenderness, love, loyalty, death, and betrayal play across the pages like an intricate melody that never fully resolves.
August 1, 2021

Book Review: Elegy for the Undead

This book is freakin' awesome! I am a Zombie fan. I even played one on a YouTube series, so Zombies have a special place in my heart. I began reading this book with a bit of uncertainty as to whether it would be the same old Zombie story. Bite, infect, repeat, die. Yes, biting occurs which leads to infection, but the infection can be transmitted in different ways.
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