February 16, 2023

Writing Memories: The Walkabout With My Daughter

More than a decade ago, I had the privilege of accompanying my daughter, Rita, on a unique journey. She rode her bicycle or walked from the southernmost tip of Florida, all the way to Canada.
February 15, 2023


Save a chair, the room is empty, even of dust. The picture is small, little detail, but the chair would seem to be black walnut…
February 14, 2023

All the Colors: A Special Issue of the MockingOwl Roost

Welcome to the first issue of the MockingOwl Roost in 2023 – the All the Colors issue.
February 13, 2023

Barricade Moon

In voices harmonized through the ether we weave a chorus of dreams…
February 11, 2023

The Youth Who Lost Their Way

Gone is the sphere to deal with conflict and joy. All interactions moving along the cyber world. They need to learn to maintain eye contact or participate in meaningful conversation.
February 9, 2023

Cozy Mystery Review: The Cat Who Series

Every title begins with the phrase ‘The Cat Who’. The reason is simple: A cat is the crime-solver. His devoted human is merely the tool he uses to impart justice, and the actions described in the title are a clue...
February 8, 2023

The House

Neighbors on their lawns all watching and waiting for the next shoe to drop…
February 7, 2023

The Yellow Labrador Retriever

Despite being an old dog, he never seemed to tire of the winter. The more snow, the better. Bobalou’s celebration of each inaugural snowfall taught me to welcome the winter, to appreciate it as a season of renewal, to breathe in that cold, familiar midwestern chill as if it were a regenerative elixir.
February 6, 2023

My Cup of Confidence

The rich, dark liquid warms my hands as well as my soul As I take a sip, I feel my worries and stress starting to unfurl
February 4, 2023

I Wish…

I wish we were perpetually happy. I wish there's always love to share. I wish there’s a better way to say this. I wish. I wish. I wish…
February 3, 2023

Light Hues of the Soul

After preparing for the festivities and waiting for the puja, she sat on the chair near the gate. She watched the whole neighbourhood celebrating the festival with their families, and when she looked up, she saw the skies were filled with colourful sparks. The atmosphere was filled with the sounds of bursting firecrackers. In the midst of the noise, Sahitya prayed silently for the arrival of her children.
February 1, 2023

Book Review: Pastoral Suite

Pastoral Suite, is a wonderous poetic movement through each season of the year, as well through the seasons of one’s life.